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This can be one of your most important decisions,selecting the right outsource company to conduct your telemarketing or data list cleaning projects. The telephone can be one of your most powerful weapons in both gaining new business or consolidating your existing. Unfortunately some companies don't have the resource in house or have a need for additional resources to supplement their own.That's were The Nationwide Telesales Company comes in. We can take on both short and long term projects.whether that be for following up leads from a trade show, a dedicated marketing campaign using either your own leads or ones purchased through us. For more details of costs contact Chris Bradford.  We can offer a Trial Price Contact us Now on 01926 511651   

Making sure your business data is clean can save you time and more important money, how often have you received promotional mail from other companies either with the wrong name or address or even mail that as no benefit to your position in the company. That's because the company that sent you it didn't clean their data, so it goes straight in the bin. Now we all know mailing campaigns have a small percentage of success. research shows around a 1.1% strike rate. so it makes sense to make sure yours is CLEAN.  A professional list clean by the Nationwide Telesales Company can save you ££££'s.Over 37% of data goes out of date per year( as per Experian research) so give us a call or email us and find out how we can help you.

As part of the list clean we can also enhance your data by checking the contact is the right decision maker for your product or service. Assuring a more effective sales campaign.